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  Flocking card New
  card hanging strap and holder
  Promotional Activity Of Plastic Card
Flocking card  refers to add a special    process “Flocking” after the card printed,  according  to the
  customer’s request, implant flannel,    bargraph or pure  animals  fluff on  the specific position of the
  Flocking card is similar to the effect of flocking fabric,  screen printing strong glue on the pvc sheet,
  with all sorts of color fluff to compose of some specific designs. Such as the member card of leather
  coat, can make the effect in   fur   collar   of  the   leather   coat surface, some of cards with animals’
  graphics, can  flock  on  the  animal  pattern,  and  leather  pattern,  cartoon  pattern etc. The   third
  dimension and simulation are very intensively after flocking,  you  can  imagine  the  feeling  of  fluffy
and embossing on the graphic of plastic cards. The flocking  card  can  make  it  be  magnetic  stripe
card and contact card, flocking is  a special  printing  technology, it can be attached on any of cards,
  owing to the anaphase flocking process is complex, the material is  scarce,  generally,  medium  and
  small card factories will give up to produce such complex technology and low demand flocking cards.
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