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  Sincerely Invite Reseller!
  Promotional Activity Of Plastic Card
looking for resellers!
In order to make plastic card resellers have the opportunity to understand the quality of our products and services, we decide to make one plastic card promotion with the price closed to the cost. Promotion rules are as following:
1. The qualification to participate in the promotional activities:
   1.1. Reseller has an independent website, which has sales information of plastic card.
   1.2. This reseller does not cooperate with us within three months recently.
2. Promotion price of plastic card
Quantity (pcs) Unit price (USD/pcs)
1000 0.027
2000 0.026
3000 0.025
4000 0.025
5000 0.024
8000 0.024
10000 0.023
20000 0.022
30000 0.021
  The standard size of plastic card is 85.5 * 54 * 0.76mm.
The above prices include the double-sided full color printing and embossed numbering crafts of card.
The above prices exclude the freight and banking charges.
If the plastic card has a special craft, the price will be increased according to the special craft standard. See special craft standard for price increasing in this file:
3. Orders suitable for promotion price
  Qualified resellers, who give us the previous four orders in two months, can enjoy the promotional price.
4. Promotion Process
   4.1. Resellers send the company's website, contact information to our mailboxEmail.
          Note: The message should be in English, please.
   4.2. We will audit the website content, and inform the result to the reseller.
   4.3. If approved, this reseller can place the order, and can enjoy the promotional price for the previous four orders
          in the two months.
  Contact: Mr. Chen
  E-mail: Email

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