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  PICOPASS 2/16/32ks card
PicoPass™ is a family of dual-standard contactless memory chips compliant with both ISO 14443B and ISO 15693 standards. Dual standard enables to obtain higher communication speed at proximity distances using ISO 14443B or extended communication range in case data exchange speed is less important.

An optional PicoPass/A version enables the chip to communicate using ISO 14443A standard only.

Product characteristics:
PicoPass can communicate at up to 1.5 m distance with a gate antennaand up to 70 cm distance with a single antenna using ISO 15693 or at approximately 10 cm using ISO 14443B or ISO 14443A standards. Fast anti-collision capability enables to treat multiple tags presentsimultaneously in the field.

PicoPass 2KS contains 2 kbits of non-volatile read/write memory including personalization area protected by a fuse. PicoPass 2KS employs cryptographic security for data protection and chip authentication. Two unique secret keys are used to protect two differentapplications or to manage crediting and debiting of a secure stored value area. Cryptographic security protections can be disabled during personalization phase.

PicoPass 16KS offers multi-application capabilities and/or extended data storage capabilities thanks to its 16 kbits of memory space. PicoPass 16KS can be configured as either PicoPass 2KS with a single extended application memory or as 8 fully independent PicoPass 2KS chips.

PicoPass 32KS contains simply 2 PicoPass 16KS chips integrated on the same silicon.

 > ISO 14443B and ISO 15693 with auto-detection, optional ISO 14443A
 > Operating range up to 1.5 m
 > Communication speed up to 424 kbps
 > 32k, 16k or 2k bits of EEPROM versions
 > Write-once memory space for personalization data protection
 > Multi-application mapping: up to 16 applications of 2k bits
 > Independent credit and debit secret keys for each application
 > Authentication using INSIDE's proprietary cryptographic algorithm
 > PowerGuard anti-tearing function
 > Fast anti-collision management: up to 100 chips/second
 > Compliant with other PicoTag™ family
 > Personalization kits available

 > Multi-application cards
 > Access control
 > Mass transit
 > ID cards, passports
 > Border control
 > Company cards
 > Biometrics
 > Payment
 > Health cards
 > City cards
 > Loyalty cards
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