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  Product model: ZT-CMS-M2000DX (Directional Reader)
Product Type: ZT-CMS-M2000DX (Directional Reader)
Product type
Introduction ZT-CMS-M2000DX reader as industrial design products with superior anti-jamming and mine design to adapt fully to the requirements of industrial environment, it is easy to carry out a wide range of electronic tags, "to read and write" operation, fully meet the customers RFID the general demand for products. No need to open enclosure, can be ordered directly through the way of regulating the distance.

The reader from the 9 ~ 12V DC power supply, stable performance, reliable signal transmission capability, the service life of up to 15 years to meet the harsh industrial environment.

ZT-CMS-M2000DX leading reader technology, the entire industrial design and outstanding value for money make it in the vehicle, logistics and personnel to identify the areas of track with excellent competitive advantages, as well as create new customer value.

The composition of the reader include: a wireless receiver unit, data processing module, DC power supply, antenna.

Download: ZT-CMS-M2000DX Introduction document

 Technical parameters
   1. Working environment
1). Anti-jamming and mine design, to meet the requirements of industrial environment.
2). Temperature:-40℃~+80℃.
3). Storage Temperature:-60℃~+80℃.
4). Anti-electromagnetic interference: 10V / m 0.1~1000MHz AM amplitude modulation of electromagnetic waves.

   2. Characteristics of microwave links
    1). Electrical Characteristics
Parameters Specifications
Power Supply +9V to +12V DC (MAX 1000mA)
Communication Interface TTL232 / RS232 / RS485 / Wiegand-26 / Wiegand-34 / Ethernet(LAN), baud rate :2400-38400, communication error CRC16 Cyclic Redundancy Check
Reliability MTBF ≥ 70000 hours
Work life 15 years
    2). Characteristics of microwave links
Parameters Specifications
Signal modulation GFSK
Operating frequency 2.4~2.45 GHz
Transmitting power ≤ 3dBm(Software can be used to adjust)
Antenna Polarization Vertical polarization
Reading/writing regional Omni-directional(Can be customized)
Microwave communication distance ≤ 70m
Microwave communication error check CRC16 Cyclic Redundancy Check
Communication encryption Said face-to-face with you
Bit error ratio/B.E.R 10-7
    3). The main performance parameters
> ZT-CMS-M2000DX reader is dedicated to the identification and programming RFID.
> DC9V ~ 12V/1000mA electricity used at the same time to identify 200 tags.
> Identification of the most long-distance is 70M (the normal distance is 0 ~ 50 meters, 50 ~ 70 meters distance from the antenna to be installed).
> To identify the direction for the whole / directed (by the user on-demand).
> Support identification of fast moving objects with speed up to 200 km/h.
> The frequency of the work in the 2.4GHz~2.5GHz ISM microwave.
> Data rate is 1Mbps, RF power is-20dBm ~ 0dBm and adjustable, the largest peak power of 1 mW.
> -40℃~+85℃ in the working environment of acceptance is the sensitivity of-90dBm.
> Support Agreement: a user-specified protocol.
> The development of interfaces with other devices to connect through TTL232 / RS232 / RS485 / Wiegand-26 / Wiegand-34 / Ethernet(LAN), asynchronous communication rate 2400BPS~38400BPS (before ordering please specify the way a good interface ).
> Way through the adjustment command receiver distance reader.

     4). Product features
> Support TTL232 / RS232 / RS485 / Wiegand-26 / Wiegand-34 / Ethernet(LAN) communication with the host computer.
> Computing encryption and authentication to ensure data security, to prevent eavesdropping and data-link broken.
> Channel isolation techniques used, a number of devices non-interfering.
> Advanced anti-collision technology, support for multi-tag reading and writing.
> Microwave modules can be configured work, transmitting power adjustable.
> The labels are provided by customers can be compatible.

 Technical Note
ZT-CMS-M2000DX Reader is designed for industrial environments interfere with the anti-mine the safety of structure, enclosure is aluminum and plastics material, the color is generally white (adjustable), reader weighs 2.5 kilograms, the size of 320* 200* 120 mm. Installation method, the reader is fixed on the benchmarking or flat.

  1. The main function
ZT-CMS-M2000DX Directional Reader of the main features are:
1). Can display the status of equipment.
2). To the right, quick read with its active electronic tag match.
3). Read the label before the information is saved to the internal reader.
4). After reading through the indicator label, buzzer, the status signal to inform the user.
5). After reading labels can TTL232 / RS232 / RS485 / CAN bus / Ethernet / Wiegand-26 / Wiegand-34 / USB / GPRS transmitted to the host computer.
6). RS232, RS485 communication speed can be set.
7). To read labels can set the distance.
8). Read the label with a time interval can be set up.
9). The speed of active tags can be set up.

  2. Products list
Name Amount Remarks
ZT-CMS-M2000DX Directional Reader 1  
Power adapter 1 (wiegand products do not provide)  
Mounting brackets 1  
 Composition Principle
  1. Structure
Reader by the wireless receiver, antenna, data-processing module, such as functional modules. If the reader disconnect communication lines, reader Center would still be able to work independently of the definition, there will be a variety of data in the reader.

  2. Working Principle
Active Tags proactive continuous radio signals sent out (1 second to send 3 times the transmission power can be modified according to user requirements), and to long distance transmission, the wireless signal is encoded, each label code is unique. Tags issued by the wireless signal if it is in the reader with an effective measuring range, the wireless signal through the antenna on the reader by reader receive and decode, and then by bus TTL232 / RS232 / RS485 / Wiegand-26 / Wiegand-34 / Ethernet(LAN) interface will be sent to the management information system or other monitoring system.

1. ZT-CMS Series general reader through the RS485 (or RS232) data interfaces with the controller or computer connected to the data exchange.As after CMS series reader only receives the controlling order of controller,just can do reading/wring operation on electronic tags,therefore, we will provide customers with SDK development kit, users can do the development of application software.
2. Supporting the use of the SDK reader software API function calls to operate on the reader. ZT-CMS series reader and PC-specific RS485 (or RS232) communication protocol (including the command packet format, the return packet format, error code agreement, the use of such agreements), SDK software (including the composition, data definition, function definition, etc.) the use and distribution of labels such as memory contents, please refer to the relevant content of CD-ROM package.
3. Operating temperature for the reader:-40℃~+80℃. Therefore, in the cold season of the region and the use of the reader, the reader should pay attention to the official use in 20 minutes before warm-up ahead of the boot to ensure the normal operation of the reader.
4. When the reader to read and write tags in the field of radiation when the microwave power, at this time and its personnel are not required to maintain a certain distance, as the reader to use ultra-low power consumption, no radiation effect on the human body, healthier and more secure.
5. The proposed test, the reader, at least 50 meters in front of the objects do not have any shelter; handheld label, please contact fingers on both sides of the edge of the label, in the face of linear polarization antenna, it should be in accordance with the corresponding polarization direction (horizontal or vertical ) come with tags, read the results in order to ensure.
6. Installation, in strict accordance with our instructions to install, read and write in order to guarantee good results.
7. Require the use of our Power adapter.

Hands-free car park access control of vehicles;
Tunnel Safety Management System;
Coal mine management personnel positioning system;
Driving School Exam System;
Vehicle Electronic License Plate Recognition System;
ETC electronic toll highway system;
Bus stops into and out of automatic management system;
Home-school communication,SMS students safe and out of the school system;
Important meetings and activities reported meeting system;
Personnel from enterprises automatic attendance system;
Pet tracking and management of cities;
Tracking and management of wild animals;
Zoo Management;
Inspection of electrical equipment storage;
Gas pipeline, transformer equipment, intelligent maintenance.
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