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  Product model: ZT-SRZ-T811 (EAS+RFID Hard tag)
EAS Clothing Tag
Product type
ZT-SRZ-T811 (EAS+RFID Hard tag)
Product Category
Introduction EAS+RFID HARD TAG
Function EAS and Function item Identification, Two function one tag. ZT-SRZ-T811 tags are encased in tough plastic, and lock onto items—usually apparel—by means of a steel pin. An employee can utilize a special device to detach an EAS hard tag from a product prior to a consumer taking that item out of a store; otherwise, an alarm will sound when the hard tag is detected at the door. Through RFID technology, the quantity of hard tags removed from a product can be measured, and if that amount is inconsistent with the number of sales, a store's management can investigate further, tracing the cause back to a specific worker. The RFID system can also be used to track a specific item's location within a store, as long as the necessary RFID reader infrastructure is installed.
77 × 31 × 19 mm
19 g
EAS Function AM(58kHz)or RF(8.2MHz)
Standard protocol
EPC Global Class1 Gen2 ISO18000-6C (RFID Function)
Chip Model
Alien, H3 (RFID Function)
860~960 MHz (RFID Function)
EPC Size 96 bits, extensible to 480 Bits (RFID Function)
Read Distance
2~4m (RFID Function)
Operating temperature -20℃~80℃
Apparel Retailers, Clothing management and security
EAS Clothing Tag   EAS Clothing Tag
EAS Clothing Tag    
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