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  Fragile RFID tag (Product model: ZT-ENY-FAR01)
Fragile RFID label (Product Type: ZT-ENY-FAR01)
Product type ZT-ENY-FAR01
Product description By improving the traditional RFID aluminum etching label technology, our company developed a new type of fragile aluminum etching RFID tags, to meet the low-cost and high-quality security RFID, at the same time to ensure the product feature as broken once tore and prevent secondary transfer, has achieved preventing the purpose of transferring the fragile label.
We can do mass customization of variety fragile label (HF and UHF) according to customer's requirement.
Antenna Type Etched aluminum antenna
Size 15* 31mm; 13* 19mm; 27* 27mm; 47* 51mm; 13* 98mm; 24* 97mm; 24* 74mm... (Size may be customized)
Chip Type UHF chip:
Alien Higgs-H2/H3; Impinj M3; M4; M5; M4QT; UCODE G2XM...
HF chip:
MIFARE® Ultralight; MIFARE Classic® 1K; FM11RF08; ICODE SLI...
Standard protocol ISO14443A; ISO15693; ISO18000-6C
Frequency 13.56MHz; 860MHz~960MHz
Read Distance 1~8 M
Effective life ≥10 years
Features This tag uses special adhesive technology with strong adhesion, spoiled once tore (To put the label in the leather surface of desk, the label will be shredded after removed from leather; if you used hot air to blow it down, it will only accelerate the destruction of the label.)
Application Suitable for anti-counterfeiting of tobacco and alcohol, drugs counterfeiting and vehicle windshield tamper-evident labels products which required anti-counterfeiting, or other one-time -use purposes.
Fragile RFID label (Product Type: ZT-ENY-FAR01)   Fragile RFID label (Product Type: ZT-ENY-FAR01)
Fragile RFID label (Product Type: ZT-ENY-FAR01)   Fragile RFID label (Product Type: ZT-ENY-FAR01)
Fragile RFID label (Product Type: ZT-ENY-FAR01)   Fragile RFID label (Product Type: ZT-ENY-FAR01)
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