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  RFID + LED lights wristband tag (Product model:ZT-SRD-002)
RFID + LED lights wristband tag
Product type
Product Category
RFID + LED lights wristband tag
ABS + PVC + electronic components
Max C:21CM,min C:16CM
86.5g (including battery weight)
3 * AAA batteries (Can be replaced)
Control mode
There are three kinds of control mode, can through the grey "Option" key to select:
1. This equipment is the buttons on the control mode.
2. The audio control mode
3. The computer control mode
LED ligth color
There are 15 kinds of light color can choose: red, green, blue, pink, white, yellow, blue, green, purple, orange, pink, navy, yellow, dark green, pink.
Acoustic control luminous hand ring, to control the LED by on-site environmental sound size bracelet flash brightness, the higher the sound db, the brighter the bracelet brightness .
Matters needing attention
After test must plug insulation piece back into products, otherwise the product is in the remote standby, electricity soon run out
operation instructions
RFID + LED lights wristband tag
7 colour control bracelet button function:
① key: On (the default slow flash)
② key: Off
③ key: Red
④ key: Green
⑤ key: Blue
⑥ key: Yellow
⑦ key: White
⑧ key: Pink
⑨ key: Slowly flash
⑩ key: Quickly flash
⑪ key: Steady on flash
⑫ key: More quickly flash,3-8 monochrome cycle
Concert/dance party/concert/bar/disco/cinema/night plaza, ribbon color of light can enhance interactive atmosphere at the scene.
RFID + LED lights wristband tag   RFID + LED lights wristband tag
RFID + LED lights wristband tag   RFID + LED lights wristband tag
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