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  Mid-range UHF RFID Reader/writer (Product model: ZT-STU-8280A)
  ZT-STU-8280A (mid-range Rfid reader)
Products Features
> Optional Module : WiFi;
> Integrated, high performance 8dBi circular polarization antenna ensure long-range reading& writing and easy installation;
> Multi-protocol support: ISO 18000-6B&ISO 18000-6C(EPC Gen2);
> Super anti-interference ability for its FHSS frequency working method;
> Multi-reader synchronise;
> Software with different Programming language allows easy upgrade;
> Waterproof and sunshine defending, idea for outdoor applications;
> All kinds of communication interfaces and customizing is available too;
> Provide setups SDK, and can provide C#, VC, VB, Delphi, Java, Linux development routines.

Technology Parameter
 > Frequency Range: ISM 902~928MHZ (FCC) or 865~868MHz (EU) or other frequency range ( Ajustable for local regulations);
> Tag protocols: ISO18000-6B,EPC Class 1, EPC Class 1 GEN 2;
> Operating Method: FHSS or fixed frequency(setted by software);
> Power smoothness: < 0.5 DB;
> RF power range: 0~30 dBm, Adjustable by software;
> Identify tag mode: Identify tag mode can be setted as: Reads the tag in fixed time automatically or read tag after external triggering or software command;
> Identify tag time: <10ms(Identify single tag);
> Reading/Writing tag time: No more than 10ms every 8 bytes when reading, 25ms every 4bytes when writing;
> Work status indication: Buzzer;
> Reading tag distance: More than 5m when reading;
> Communication interface: RS232 / RS485 / Wiegand26 / Wiegand34;
> Input/output: 1 road trigger input and 1 road relay output;
> Power supply: DC 7.5V~12V, 3A;
> Antenna Power: 1W(Through the software can be adjusted);
> Size: 280 × 280 × 45 mm;
> Package dimension: 430 × 330 × 150 mm;
> Package Weight: 2.5 kg;
> Work Temperature: -45℃~+95℃ (-49°F~167°F);
> Storage Temperature: -30℃~+65℃ (-58°F~ 185°F);
> Spare Parts: 1 set adjustable mounting bracket; 1 power supply of 7.5V or 9V; 1 power cord; 1 serial communication line.1 Optical disk.

Wring diagram

Power GND 485 A+ 485 B- WG DATAO WG DATA1 Trigger T+ Trigger T- 232 RXD 232 TXD GND
RED RED Black Brown Orange Yellow Green Blue Black Purple White Black

> Intelligent traffic such as ETC, customes border-crossing, parking lot, automatic weighing etc;
> Logistics such as container management, pallet management, asset tracing etc;
> Ticketing& access control;
> Pharmaceuticals such as medical waste management ,etc.

  Software Development Kit

ZT-STU-8280A (mid-range Rfid reader)   ZT-STU-8280A (mid-range Rfid reader)
ZT-STU-8280A (mid-range Rfid reader)   ZT-STU-8280A (mid-range Rfid reader)
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