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  Product model: ZT-C5000W Series hand-held reader
hand-held reader:ZT-C5000W Series
Product type ZT-C5000W Series
Introduction “ALL IN ONE” Design:
Supports 1/2D barcode and LF 125KHz , 134.2 KHz, 13.56MHz RFID cards/tags read/write, WiFi/GPRS/Bluetooth communication, GPS positioning and image capturing.

More Rugged with Higher Industrial Standard:
Rugged structure with IP64 rating, better dust-/wafer-proof capability and 1.5 m drop survival to concrete to ensure high performance under various extremely environments.

Expansibility & Customization:
The ability to scan barcodes, read and encode RFID cards/tags, capture images as well wireless communication enables enterprises to deploy a single device in many industrial fields.

Download: ZT-C5000W Software Development Kit
                 ZT-C5000W Introduction document
 Physical Parameters
Dimension 186.5* 75* 38.9 mm
Weight < 400 g (with battery)
Screen 3.2” QVGA backlight TFT-LCD, 65 K colors. 240* 320 (QVGA size)
Touch panel glass analog resistive touch transparent type, semi-transparent type (optional)
Backlight LED backlight
Battery rechargeable li-ion polymer battery (3.7 V/4,000 mAh)
Expansion slots SIM/SAM, Micro SD (TF) card
Indicator LED
Input method touch input and keyboard input
Audio 0.5 watt
Keyboard numeric, full alphanumeric (optional)
 Programming environment
CPU Samsung ARM920T, 533 MHz
Operating system Windows Embedded CE 6.0 Pro
Memory 128 MB RAM / 1GB Flash
Expansion Memory 4G TF (standard), maximum 8G
Interface USB 2.0; RS232
 Programming environment
.NET and C++ programming using Microsoft Visual Studio 2005&2008 or higher, Software Development Kits (SDK) provided.
 Operating system
Windows Embedded CE 6.0 Pro
Windows Embedded CE 6.0 Core (optional)
 Environmental Parameters
Operating temperature -20℃~+50℃
Storage temperature -25℃~+70℃
Humidity 5%RH ~ 95%RH (non-condensing)
Dropping survive 1.5-meter drop test on six sides (concrete floor, under operating temp)
Rolling survive 1,000 times, 0.5 meter, rolling by six contact surfaces
Environmental seal IP64
 1D laser scanner
Brand Symbol SE955
Types UPC/EAN, Code128, Code39, Code93, Code11, Interleaved 2 of 5, Discrete 2 of 5, Chinese 2 of 5, Codabar, MSI, RSS
 2D scan engine
Brand Symbol SE4500
Types 1D: all major codes;
2D: PDF417, MicroPDF417, Composite, RSS, TLC-39, Datamatrix, QR code, Micro QR code, Aztec, MaxiCode;
Postal Codes: US PostNet, US Planet, UK Postal, Australian Postal, Japan Postal Dutch Postal (KIX)
Operating frequency 125 KHz, 134.2 KHz
Protocol ISO11784, ISO11785
Duplex Mode FDX-B, HDX (optional)
Tag Types Unique ID card, Animal tags (R/O), Hitags (Read/Write), etc.
Model No. ZT-C5000W-LE (FDX-B)
ZT-C5000W-LT (HDX)
Read/write range up to 3.15 in (8 cm)
Operating frequency 13.56 MHz
Protocol ISO14443A/B, ISO15693 (optional)
Tag Types MIFARE Classic® 1K, MIFARE Classic® 4K, Ultralight, I-Code I/II, etc.
Model No. ZT-C5000W-OA (1D barcode, ISO14443A)
ZT-C5000W-OI (1D barcode, ISO15693)
ZT-C5000W-OH (1D barcode, ISO14443A/B, 15693)
Read/write range up to 3.15 in (8 cm)
 Wireless LAN
WiFi muRata IEEE802.11b/g
 Wireless WAN (Optional)
Network (WWAN) Wavecom GPRS/GSM 900/1800 MHz; 850/900/1800/1900MHz (optional)
 Wireless PAN (Optional)
Bluetooth Class II, 3-5 M
 PSAM (Optional)
Baud rate 9600, 19200, 38400, 43000, 56000, 57600, 115200
SAM slots maximum 2
 GPS (Optional)
Module u-blox NEO-5Q
Performance 50-channel u-blox 5 positioning engine, Internal GPS
Localization time hot start-1 sec, warm start-38 secs, cold start-42 secs
 Camera (Optional)
Samsung 3.2 mega pixels, 2048 (H)* 1536 (V), QXGA
Standard battery, charger/adapter, data cables, stylus, carrying case, hand strap, 4G micro SD (TF) card, protective film
Optional cradle, thermal printer, Refer to Accessories Appendix
hand-held reader:ZT-C5000W Series   hand-held reader:ZT-C5000W Series
 Model Description
Series Picture Model No. Standard Function Optional Function
Operating System: Windows CE 6.0
Hand-held PDA ZT-C5000W-N WIFI Internal (Extra Charge):
GSM/GPRS: 900/1800MHz :
(Dual Band) $21
850/900/1800/1900MHz : (Quad Band) $41
Bluetooth: $16
GPS: $16
Camera: $12
PSAM: $12, All alphanumeric keypad: $21

External (Extra Charge):
Bluetooth Thermal Printer : $227
Cradle (Docking station) : $41
Spare Battery : $12
Hand-held RFID Reader ZT-C5000W-A 13.56MHz: ISO14443A, WIFI
ZT-C5000W-I 13.56MHz: ISO15693, WIFI
ZT-C5000W-AI 13.56MHz: ISO14443/15693, WIFI
ZT-C5000W-L 125kHz~134.2kHz, WIFI
RFID&Barcode All-In-One ZT-C5000W-O 1D barcode, WIFI
ZT-C5000W-T 1D/2D barcode, WIFI
RFID&Barcode All-In-One ZT-C5000W-OH 1D barcode, 13.56MHz, WIFI
ZT-C5000W-OL 1D barcode, 125kHz~134.2kHz, WIFI
ZT-C5000W-TH 1D/2D barcode, 13.56MHz, WIFI
ZT-C5000W-TL 1D/2D barcode, 125KHz~134.2KHz, WIFI
Fingerprint Hand-held
ZT-C5000Z-N Fingerprint Sensor, WIFI
ZT-C5000Z-H Fingerprint, 13.56MHz, WIFI
ZT-C5000Z-L Fingerprint, 125kHz~134.2kHz, WIFI
ZT-C5000Z-O Fingerprint, 1D barcode, WIFI
ZT-C5000Z-T Fingerprint, 1D/2D barcode, WIFI
ZT-C5000Z-OH Fingerprint, 1D barcode, 13.56MHz, WIFI
ZT-C5000Z-OL Fingerprint, 1D barcode, 125kHz~134.2kHz, WIFI
ZT-C5000Z-TH Fingerprint, 1D/2D barcode, 13.56MHz, WIFI
ZT-C5000Z-TL Fingerprint, 1D/2D barcode, 125kHz~134.2kHz, WIFI
Standard accessories 4,000 mAh Li-ion battery, usb cable, RS232 serial cable, AC adapter, touch stylus, 4G microSD (TF) card, hand strap, carrying case for C5000W (shoulder strap, belt clip), screen protective film, Software Development Kits (SDK).
Optional accessories cradle (docking station), bluetooth thermal printer
Delivery Schedule 1-50pcs: 2-11 working days; 100pcs: 10-20 working days; 500pcs: 20-30 working days; 1,000pcs: 30-40 working days
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