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  VOID sticker

A Hologram label is a tamper evident product. Any attempt to tamper with the hologram will result in its destruction. A Hologram Label can be affixed directly on the product or the packaging. Even an uneven surface like the neck of a bottle can carry a hologram label comfortably as illustrated below.

Holographic Security Labels are offered in a variety of colors and even transparent hologram labels are available. These security labels are ideally suited for financial instruments where they can be affixed over the amount panel to ensure that the amount cannot be tampered with.


> Use for label, illustration and bar code printing. When stick on the object, structure broken and evident trace will appear once opened.
> The hidden graphics can not be identified by eyes, so wont affect the overall design.
> Identified easily, neednt any equipment.
> To prevents any forgery by colorful copy and delaminating scan.
> Unique automate-breach design, one-time use, anti-juggle, and anti-deny.
> Special message or praphic is available according to customers requirement, so to show the unique, exculsive, professional and personal.

VOID sticker

VOID sticker
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