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EAS system:
EAS is "Electronic Article Surveillance" for short, also known as Electronic Goods and Secretly (Stolen) System, It is one of the most widely use commodity safety measures in the large retail industry. EAS system is mainly consists of three parts: Sensor, Deactivator and Electronic Label and Tag.
Electronic label/tag is divided into soft label and hard label, the cost of soft label is low, directly adhensive to the hard goods, can not be reused; The cost of one-time use hard tag is higher than soft label, but can be reused. Hard label must be equipped with a special tag power detacher, mostly used for clothing items with soft and easy penetration. Deactivator is non-contact devices, has certain decoding height, when the cashier accept money and bagging, electronic tags can be decoded and without contact degaussing area. There is also a equipment that combine Deactivator with Laser barcode scanner, finish the paying and decoding all at once, to facilitate the work of the cashier, this kind of means is to match the laser bar code supplier, eliminate mutual interference between them, improve the decoding sensitivity, The goods without decoding taken away from the shopping malls, pass by detector devices (multi-gate), will trigger the alarm, thus remind cashier, customer and market security guards then handle in time.
EAS tag categories: Sound Magnetic series, RF series (RF), Electro Magnetic Series.

Working principle:
Detection antenna placed at the exits and entrances, installed the soft or hard tags on the goods; without the cashiers' decoding or unlocking walk out of the shop, the detection antenna will alarm automatically, to notify the shop assistant or security guard store merchandise stolen. It is different from the monitoring system, avoid making customers feel uncomfortable or the drawbacks can not be installed in the fitting room, but also serve as a deterrent, prevent the thief come again.

The EAS system is composed by the detector, electronic tags, the decoder / unlocking device.
1. A detector is generally composed of two parts by the transmitter and receiver. The basic principle is to use the transmitting antenna to transmitting a frequency band, forming a scanning area between the transmitting antenna and receiving antenna,use of receiving antenna receiver and restore the frequency band. Re-use electromagnetic resonance principles to search whether there is a valid label within the specified range, when it have valid label the trigger will alarm.
2. The electronic label internal structure is an the LC oscillation circuit, to install the goods by a special way, only after a special decoder, lock picks can be uninstalled. At present, the electronic tags on the market have soft tags, hard tags, bottle protector, milk powder, anti-theft tag, CD / tape protection boxes etc..
3. Decoder is the soft label failure device. At present, there is a commonly used non-contact decoders, salesperson can take the label through the top of decoder within 20 cm to decode. The decoder can be used with POS laser cashier platform. Lockaid gun is fast, simple and easily to a variety of hard tags removed device.

The role of the EAS system:
1. To prevent theft: EAS system to change the past "man to man" way in to "high-tech", "high-tech" means to give the goods a self-defense capability to implement safety measures to every piece of merchandise, thorough and effective solution to the goods stolen. The survey shows that the EAS system businesses theft rate of 60%~70% lower than the businesses that did not install the EAS system.
2.To simplify management : EAS system can effectively curb the phenomenon of "Pirates" ,to ease the conflict between employees and managers, to exclude employees psychological barriers, so that employees devote themself to work, thereby improving work efficiency.
3. To improve the shopping atmosphere: In the past, the "man to man" way will make so many consumers feel offensive the , businesses may not good. The EAS system can give to create a good and relaxing shopping environment for consumers, let customer free, and freely buy goods, has greatly improved the relationship between dealer and consumers and for businesses to win more customers. Ultimately increase sales, increase profits.
4. Deterrent effect: EAS system to stop the behavior of the customer "pinching" by the tough and polite way, to avoid disputes caused by human factors, and respect for human rights, while also safeguarding the interests of business. For thieves, the EAS system psychologically caused its huge deterrent to dispel steal the idea of the "ages".
5. landscaping: EAS system is a high-tech products, its beautiful appearance, sophisticated production process with a magnificent modern decor blend to achieve the "icing on the cake" effect, to protection of goods and also beautify the environment of the mall, is a high-end shopping malls, supermarkets and medium-sized display a symbol of economic strength and scientific and technological content of equipment, is the inevitable trend of development of modern shopping malls.

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