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Our factory concentrates on manufacturing and developing high-tech anti-fake products. We have been offering the best services, as well as the latest holographic designs of laser hologram printing products.

Main product
Holograms, laser holographic security labels, BOPP/OPP/PET transparent laser anti-fake films, laser anti-fake packaging materials, and 2D/3D holographic anti-fake products.

1. 4D Kinetic Hologram
2. True Color Hologram
3. True 3D Hologram
4. 2D/3D Hologram
5. 3D Dot-Matrix Hologram
6. Dot-Matrix hologram
7. Morse Encryption Hologram
8. 2D Hologram
9. Laser Encryption Hologram
10. Micro Text Hologram
11. Optical Lens Hologram
12. Speckle Holography
13. Interference Fringe Hologram
14. Combination holographic labels
15. Silver Halide Label
16. Silver Halide Reflection Hologram
17. Display Hologram Recorded
18. Holographic packaging films
19. BOPP Holographic Films
20. OPP Holographic Films
21. PET Holographic Films
22. Grid Holographic Film
23. hologram with running numbers
24. washing aluminum hologram
25. transparent hologram labels
26. VOID sticker
27. Cat eye combination hologram label
28. hologram Master
29. rolled Holographic sticker
30. Tamper Evident Selective
31. Shrinkage materials
32. Tamper Evident Holograms
33. Fragile Sticker
34. 360 degrees security label
35. Laser Non-Woven Bag
36. Hologram Non-Woven Bag

Cat eye combination hologram label
Hologram label
Hologram label
Hologram label
Hologram stickers
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