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  thermal rewritable card
thermal rewritable card   thermal rewritable card   thermal rewritable card
Filmy Thermal
Rewritable card(CR Film)
  Filmy Thermal
Rewritable card(CR Film)
  Filmy Thermal
Rewritable card(CR Film)
thermal rewritable card   thermal rewritable card   thermal rewritable card
Filmy Thermal
Rewritable card(CR Film)
  Filmy Thermal
Rewritable card(PR Film)
  Filmy Thermal
Rewritable card(PR Film)
thermal rewritable card   thermal rewritable card   thermal rewritable card
Filmy Thermal
Rewritable card(PR Film)
  Filmy Thermal
Rewritable card(PR Film)
  Filmy Thermal
Rewritable card(PR Film)
thermal rewritable card   thermal rewritable card    
Thick Magnetic Stripe card   Thick Magnetic Stripe card    

Thermal Rewritable card,from China professional card manufacturer.

Product Description:
The rewritable card is also called printable card, which is a card with "thermo rewrite film" covered over the magnetic card or IC card in accordance with ISO7816. Rewrite Card is an innovative technology which makes information stored inside "hidden" magnetic stripe or IC chip shown on card surface visually. All text or graphics are permanent on card surface until erased by thermal print head of card printer. Visual area can be rewritten around 500 times. Card holders can always know the current status of the card. It is a best communication tool for visibly updating holder's details, loyalty points and displaying promotional message instantly, achieving Win-Win for all parties. Attractive appearance, bendable, flexible, ultra-thin, easy-to-carry. This will be the chosen card to pamper and to show your VIP that you really do care.

Products and Features:
1. Thin PET Rewritable card:
> Full and Invisible magntic layer.
> The images is up to your design.
> Thickness: 0.214mm, 0.28mm
> CR-80 Size (85.5mmx54mm)

2. Rewritable card with magnetic stripe:
> Magnetic stripe: LoCo 300 OE, HiCo 2500~4000 OE
> PVC or PET material, for your choice.
> Thickness: 0.76mm
> CR-80 Size (85.5mmx54mm)

3. Hybrid Rewritable card:
> It is a PET or PVC rewritable card with contactless chip embedded inside.
> You can contact us to get the contactless chip we can offer or you can provide the chip yourself and we embed it into a rewritable card.
> Our standard offset printing and silkscreen printing facilities offer customers 1 color to 4 color printing with vivid and artistic quality images.
> For the artwork, simply provide us your art design file or sample card
If you specific parameters and requirements for our Thermal Rewritable Card,customization is available.


more details:
RECO-View card
With a wide range of applications of magnetic card, IC card and smart card in modern society, people are increasingly not satisfied with the function of IC card. People in the past can only be identified the information which are stored in the magnetic card, IC card and smart card through machine. But now people can use the RECO-View card technology to achieve replication data visualization.

RECO-View card Introduction

1. the concept
View card (also named RECO-View card, easy view card, rewrite card, digital replication card. Windows IT card, thermal replication card, thermal magnetic stripe card etc.), is made of thermal materials with a new technology. There’re only Japan's Ricoh, the world of Mitsubishi Corporation, and one of Austrian company are capability to produce the material. Rewrite Card refers to cover a layer of the visual replication material on ISO7816 standard magnetic card or smart card, also known as visual film, in this case , when the customers checkout, it can print the consume records and promotional information on the card surface, if consuming next time, can erase and reprint the contents which have been printed, not only the card holders can check his consume records easily, but also the suppliers can update the promotional information at any time, so as to promote two –way interaction.

2. Materials
RECO-View card uses the most advanced thermal rewritable technology, which is developed on the basis of the traditional thermal technologies. Traditional thermal materials can be used only once, but the new thermal material achieve rewritten repeatedly. Rewrite Card is covered by a "Thermo Rewrite" material, the information of card surface can be repeatedly read out and rewritten, so that the original card face fixed into a dynamic information window.

3. Features
3.1. Can print the consume records directly on the card surface, convenient for the card holders to check.

3.2.Can be repeatedly erased and re-printed the information of card surface (text, pictures), visual information can be long-term keeping.

3.3.Can choose different colors of print material, set different rang of printing sizes.

3.4. Personalized visual information, full taste and fashion.

3.5.Can protect the interests of consumers effectively, promote businessman to enhance the credibility awareness.

3.6.Promote the advertising effect, stimulate the card holder’s consume interest

4. Function
4.1. Flexible open information platform.
Attract customers to consume by printing the discounts and activities information directly on the card.
Detailed consumption records of the customer can be printed directly on the card, and convenient for customers to check at any time.
Updating the advertising and promotional information of the card surface to stimulate more customers to consume.

4.2. Effective credit guarantee mechanism
The "visible" consumption of View card protected the ultimate consumer’s "right to know".
Consumer details are clear at a glance, to let the customers be assured of consumption, and supervise businessman to honor their commitments.
The features of view card promote customers to "credit consume", to maintain businessman’s benefits.

4.3. Means of promoting two-way interaction
The graphics of the card can be customized to succeed excellent advertising effect.
The fashionable appearance and beautiful printing of view card can bring “world of mouth” effect.
Personalized window effect and unique brand effect attract a large number of new and regular customers.

4.4. Personalized communication channels
Printing customer’s information on the card surface, such as name, gender, age, date of birth, anniversary, contact information, address, work, hobbies and so on, to make customers feeling of sincere and enjoy.
In the special day, printing greeting or blessing information on the view card for the customers, such as birthdays, wedding anniversaries, holidays, festivals, etc., to make customers feel at home.

5. The applications of RECO-View card
5.1.Application Status of Rewrite Card
Rewrite card originated in Europe and Japan, and immediately be used widely, there are quite a number of areas and industries successfully used visualization techniques, such as catering, entertainment, retail, transportation, medical care and other fields. In recent years, the applications of Visual products in other countries and regions are showing rapid growth momentum, especially in Hong Kong, accounting for 2004 view card issuers worldwide total (100 million) of 10%. Rewrite card in China is a new product; our country imported the introduction of RECO-View card in the last two years, and has been successfully applied in the entertainment, dining, retail and other areas. But compared to the more mature technology and market smart card products, the occupancy and usage rate of new concept view card in China is still quite low, so the view card in our products have broad market prospects.

5.2. The application market of RECO-View card
RECO-View card in Europe, America, Japan, Hong Kong and Taiwan and other developed countries and regions has been widely used in many areas, such as retail, transportation, health care, culture, entertainment and other fields. With the digital consume and business card become the mainstream consumption, businessman will take advantage of more creative consume ways and better consume service to compete for consumer groups, so the personalized visual products has a wide market prospects in China. And more and more fields will apply the visual products.

5.2.1. Entertainment consumption
Currently, the entertainment consumption field is the biggest market of visible products at home and abroad. Businessmen take full advantage of personality and stylish appearance in view card, to compete consumer groups, especially young people. View card can be used in entertainment consumption points card, stored value cards, VIP cards and other functions, can show the cumulative points, the amount of consumption, the remaining amount of the basic event information and customer information on the card surface, in this case , not only to let customers clearly consume, but also attract customers to consume again.

5.2.2. Food consumption
View card in food consumption mostly play a role in discount or integration, when it is transacting, you can print the consume records and accumulate points on the card surface, and even reflects the advertising of promotional activities on the card surface .The dynamic information platform of view card can solved the problems of information exchange and not communicate in time. View card with its "visible" effect to stimulate more consumer spending, not only to expand the consumer group, but also improve the restaurant's sales.

5.2.3 Retail Industry
Most of stores or supermarket use membership card and integral card to attract repeat customers, provide more superior service and preferences according to the user’s purchases situation; accumulated integration or discount can be succeeded through RECO-View card when trading, advertising and the recent preferential can be printed on the RECO-View card to attract customers consumption.

5.2.4. Fuel system
In the fuel system fields, RECO-View card mainly used on stored-value function or instead of traditional paper oil tickets, can print clearly the buyer name, number, purchase date, license plate number, amount of pre-buy oil (gas , diesel fuel ), fuel variety (gas90 # 93 # 97 #, diesel oil 0 # 10# 20# 35 #), unit price, quantity, amount, balance, refueling point number, etc.. Every time refueling, the device will smear preliminary data automatically and print new business data; this card can only use in one-time, it also can be repeated use after recharging in sales outlets. If used it together with China Petroleum Chemical or China Petroleum’s systems, the cardholders can use repeated cross-regional and even inter-provincial city.

5.2.5. Hotels and Guesthouse
At present, the hotel room card only just play a role of lock; combined with the Video card technology will be more features, every time when the customer check-in, you can print directly customer name, contact information, room number, check-in time, check-out time, price per room, deposit amount, and promotions of hotel, eliminated the trouble of deposit receipt; it is convenience for the customer, as well as increasing service efficiency and recycling.

5.2.6 Airlines journey cumulative card
The view card can record mileage accumulation and consumption. To avoid mistake, the user should put the view card to the visible printer when boarding or consumption, the journey or consumption will effect immediately, the users can see effective mileage and cumulative total mileage on the view card.

5.2.7 Other industry
Along with the video card application technology continue to progress and improve, it's convenient, efficient, unique in more recipients will be gradually applied. Especially with application of smart IC card after combining, it will used in more fields, such as high speed road charged card, bus card, campus card, parking management card, library reading card, video stores rent card , visiting card, treatment card, park tickets card, document card and so on.

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